How to Prepare for Tooth Extraction Services in Sutherlin, Oregon

A tooth extraction takes place in the dental office and is frequently advised for enhancing dental health. Reasons for having the procedure performed include pulling teeth for braces, making room for more space, extracting damaged or decayed teeth, or removing infected teeth.

What to Expect

If you require tooth extraction services in Sutherlin, Oregon, you need to prepare for the appointment by making sure you have someone to take you and pick you up from the procedure. The dentist will numb the site for the extraction with a local anesthetic. If you are especially anxious, you may also be given a sedative intravenously or an anti-anxiety medicine. If the tooth extraction involves removing an impacted tooth, the tooth may have to be broken up before it can be totally removed.

Types of Tooth Extractions

When tooth extraction services are performed, they fall under two basic categories – either surgical or simple. A surgical extraction, as the name indicates, is performed by an oral surgeon. Usually, this procedure involves the pulling of teeth that are not readily visible. This may be due to impaction or because a tooth has crumbled or broke.

Simple Extractions

As noted, tooth extraction services also entail simple removals. These removals involve removing teeth that are visible inside the mouth. Therefore, simple extractions entail pulling teeth before orthodontic treatment or extracting decayed, damaged, or infected teeth. When simple extractions are performed, they are normally overseen by your family dentist.


If you do have a tooth extraction or several teeth removed, you need to follow your dentist’s instructions for care after the procedure. That means consuming soft foods or liquids. You should follow this type of diet for the first couple of days after the extraction.

Where to Find Out More Information Online

To learn more about extraction services, visit online. Learn all you can about the process first, before you make an appointment for removing a tooth.

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