How to Replace Your Vital Records

Have you lost your vital records, such as your marriage license, driver’s license, or birth certificate, in a fire, flood, or any other disaster? It can be extremely stressful to lose your vital records, and you may need to immediately replace these. When you lose any of these, it can be confusing as to what action to take next in the process of replacing them quickly. The process for replacing these documents actually may be different in one state compared to another.

Birth Certificate

You can check out the office for vital records in the state you were born to see the guidelines for obtaining a replacement. If you have no identification, you can still obtain a copy, as long as you follow instructions. Some states even allow you to get a copy if you make a sworn statement of your identity. A parent can send in a letter as well with a copy of their ID if their name is on your birth certificate.

Driver’s License

In many states, you can get a copy of your driver’s license online. Check online to see if your state qualifies.

Social Security Card

You can replace your Social Security card by showing an ID. A replacement Social Security card is even free.


You can report your passport as lost to the state and fill out some forms that they request. You can get a copy if you take your birth certificate and your ID.

Marriage License

If you have changed your last name upon marriage, you have to bring a copy as proof. You can contact your state to see if there are any specific guidelines to replacing your marriage license. Both you and your significant other do not have to both be present when requesting a copy of your license.

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