How to Use a High Density Foam Paint Roller

There are plenty of options on the market for applying paint to surfaces. Most of the time, contractors and individual painters spend a lot of time trying to compare these options to find the best product possible to ensure an easy and streamlined application process. The high density foam paint roller is one of the options available to you. It can provide a number of benefits to many users in some situations. It is not always ideal, though.

When Should You Use It?

There are various times when using a high density foam paint roller makes sense. For most projects, this type of paint roller works well only when the paint is heavy. For example, it works well with an oil-based paint. It can create a nice, smooth application in this situation. You should also only use this high density type of foam roller when you have a smooth surface to cover. It is not a good option for getting into those deep grooves or to work to cover textured surfaces.

Keep in mind that you can also use it for gloss and semi-gloss latex paints. In this type of application, they work well because they are able to keep the paint applied evenly. They do not create numerous lap marks, which can slow the application of paint otherwise. They also are a good option because the apply the paint in a generous coat.

Is the high density foam paint roller the right option for your needs? In many situations, it can work well because it provides an excellent amount of coverage even when you are using a thicker paint. It can help you to cover the surface faster and creates a better overall look to the finished piece.

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