How You Can Prevent Elderly Abuse with In-Home Caregivers

When an elderly person is unable to care for their selves anymore, the family is faced with an important decision to make about their care. While there are long-term facilities that provide general care for elderly individuals. Most families are selecting in-home care to help their loved one to retain their independence and remain in their home. However, you want to ensure their safety and overall well-being by finding qualified staff to care for your loved one. Way too often you hear of senior citizens being abused or neglected at the hands of their caregiver. There are ways you can determine if your loved one is being neglected and elderly abuse attorneys in Sacramento area deliver the services you require if abuse is found.

Steps You Can Take to Ensure a Loved One’s Safety

  • Thoroughly check out the caregiver that will be coming to your family member’s home.
  • Install security cameras around the home to monitor your loved one.
  • Know the warning signs of abuse and neglect so you know what to watch for.
  • Stay proactive in your family member’s care, this allows you to check for any visible signs of abuse.
  • If your loved one is coherent, you should ask them questions about their day and their caregiver.

Support is Available

If a loved one is being neglected or abused, it can be a traumatic event for the whole family. When you turn to elderly abuse attorneys in Sacramento, you can gain the support you require during an emotional time. Ed Dudensing Attorney at Law understands how serious and sensitive abuse cases are. That is why they are there to provide the legal services and emotional support you require when it comes to filing a claim against a caregiver. They will work aggressively to hold the responsible party liable for their actions and to prevent another person from being subjected to their abuse again.

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