Identifying The Accountable With A Railroad Accident Lawyer In Glendale, AZ

In Arizona, the Federal Rail Administration investigates all train accidents. This administration determines the exact cause of the accident. Among the most common occurrences which lead to these incidents are colliding automobiles, faulty equipment, and human error. The first step victims should take after acquiring medical attention is to hire a Railroad Accident Lawyer in Glendale AZ to secure their rights.

Identifying the Accountable Party

The findings of the Federal Rail Administration could identify all parties responsible for the accident. The cause of the accident determines who is at fault. When a driver crashes their automobile into the train, the fault could fall on their family. These instances, rule out the railway entirely.

Derailments are investigated fully to find an exact cause. When it is determined that it was an issue with the track itself, the railway could be held accountable. During the investigation, the FRA determines who had access to the track in question. This could include railway maintenance or designers. When this is the case, all individuals managing the railway could be deemed at fault.

Wrongful Death Litigation

When a fatality is produced, the family of all victims have the right to file a civil lawsuit. Once a liability is identified, the court arrives at a valuation based on several factors. These factors include the earning capacity for the victim over their lifetime, medical and funeral costs, and tort rulings.

Children who are orphaned due to this fatality receive an award based on the financial and parental support they would have acquired if their parent survived. This is determined after the judge identifies the victim’s life expectancy. He or she evaluates existing medical conditions and their age to make this distinction.

Railroad accidents could produce mass casualties in an instant. The task of proving accountability rests firmly in the hands of the FRA and the attorneys representing the victims. The few who survive these incidents could sustain severe injuries. Once identified, the court could rule in favor of a financial award based on the recovery time and if a permanent disfigurement occurred. If you or a loved one were injured, you should hire a Railroad Accident Lawyer in Glendale AZ by contacting the Garrison Law Firm today.

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