If You Have A Personal Injury Or A Wage And Hour Problem, Contact The Top Law Firm In Northampton MA

If you’ve been a victim of a personal injury or a wage and hour violation, you should contact The Top Law Firm in Northampton MA. Either problem creates financial distress on your and your family. Obtaining proper representation to get the money you deserve makes sense. They can assist you with a free consultation of your case and give you the personalized attention you need.

Personal injury occurs whenever due to the negligence of others you are injured. This could be due to a car accident, a slip and fall, a faulty product, a dog bite and even medical malpractice. Most personal injury cases are due to auto accidents. When someone is texting, talking on the phone while driving, accidents easily occur. You could end up with whiplash, broken bones or head injuries. Some of these injuries will never be completely healed.

The person’s insurance that is responsible for your injury, will try to settle with you for a small amount of money. They normally attempt this by telephoning you to ask how you are physically and question you about the accident. During this phone call, anything you say is usually recorded. If you don’t know the extent of your injuries, do not be specific. You can tell them that you went to the hospital for treatment, but do not elaborate. Less than a week later, they will contact you and offer you a settlement.

If your injuries are serious and you’re going to be off work, contact a Top Law Firm in Northampton MA. Under the law, you are entitled to receive compensation for your damaged car, rental car, medical bills and the injuries you receive. You need to have an aggressive lawyer to listen to your case and make an assessment. Although you’ve been traumatized by the accident, it doesn’t mean you have to be financially ruined by it.

If you find yourself a victim of someone’s negligence, don’t try to settle your case alone. Contact a caring, compassionate and experienced law firm like Daniel and Fontaine LLC. They will get you the best results available for your case.

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