If You’re in an Accident, Call an Auto Accident Lawyer in Fort Collins

Every year in the United States, there are almost 11 million motor vehicle accidents. There are no statistics on how many people’s lives are affected by accidents, but the number far exceeds 11 million each year. There are passengers in many of the autos involved in accidents. Pedestrians or bicyclists may be injured. Family members and friends of people who are badly injured or killed in auto accidents certainly have their lives severely impacted.

Most drivers will be involved in an auto accident sooner or later and probably more than once. It’s important to know what to do after the accident.

The most important thing to do is to STOP. Even if it appears that no one is injured, it is against the law everywhere to just leave the scent of the accident. If someone has been injured, they must be helped. Emergency personnel may need to be called. An accident report needs to be filed with the police, even in a minor fender bender. Names, addresses, tag numbers and insurance information must be exchanged with the other driver.

No matter how minor the accident seems, don’t make an agreement with the other driver to report the accident to the insurance companies, but not to the police. The other driver may have expired insurance or a fake insurance card. A back or neck injury may take days to develop. Take pictures. There is no way to predict how important pictures might be later. Even if it’s a minor accident and the police don’t respond, an accident report should always be filed.

Do all the right things, stay calm, but do not accept the blame for the accident. That would be to legally assume liability. An uninsured driver is in an especially precarious position. They probably could not afford insurance and are now facing an unknown situation. If there are injuries, medical and long-term care expenses can be catastrophic. If an injured party is unable to work in the future, that issue will also need to be legally addressed. Contact The Law Offices of Burton & Burton for ore information.


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