Immigration And The Law In Tampa Florida

Immigration has been responsible for making the United States great. Yet, over the years, it appears the restrictions have made it more difficult for people to enter the country and stay legally. In Florida, a Tampa immigration attorney considers the hiring of a professional to help your case practical and necessary if you want to ensure the process works in your favor. Only a skilled immigration lawyer is familiar with the various laws that may affect your case.

Three Areas of Focus

Within the larger context of American immigration law, there are specific laws and regulations that apply to individual types of immigration. Overall, the government considers immigration to fall into one of three larger categories. These are:

* Family-Based Immigration: This concerns the reunification of families. Its focus is on allowing American citizens and other lawful permanent residents (LPR) to bring their families from another country to America. Restrictions abound including those concerning the number, relationship and type of immigrants an LPR is allowed to help enter.

* Employment-Based Immigration: This form of immigration revolves around the ability of an individual to obtain work in the United States. It is generally afforded to those who are perceived as employees of a job not able to be filled by a resident American citizen. To do said work, the immigrant must apply for a permanent or temporary work visa.

Any individual who only obtains a temporary work visa is classified as a non-immigrant. They may be employed in a variety of jobs that are not considered permanent. Among them are religious workers and actors. As temporary workers, they have a finite time within Tampa, Florida and anywhere else in the United States.

Permanent working visas usually grant a longer stay in the States. Yet, these are fewer in number and restrictions also exist as to how many can come from a specific country. Working visas can transfer into LPR status but usually only through the actions of an experienced immigration attorney.

* Refugees and Asylees: This category of immigration handles those individuals who seek entry to the United States due to persecution in their own country. The number is finite. It is also not fixed as annually it changes in accordance with consultations between the current President of the United States and Congress.

Do You Need an Immigration Attorney?

Hiring a Tampa immigration attorney is a necessity. The very nature of the immigration system determines this. An immigration attorney is a necessary part of the process if you are to be sure everything is completed and filed correctly. A qualified lawyer will be sure to follow-up and make certain that everything is done to obtain what you need to stay in the United States legally.

If you are wondering whether you need a Tampa Immigration Attorney, consider what can go wrong without one. Immigration law is a complex matter. If you want compassionate and skilled representation in this matter, contact the Law Firm of Lorenz and Lorenzo P.A.

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