Important Details About A Chimney Leak In Severna Park, MD

In Maryland, homeowners with a fireplace need to evaluate their chimney regularly. The inspections determine if any issue exists that could cause a chimney leak or affect the fireplace’s functionality. A local contractor explains important details about a Chimney Leak Severna Park MD.

Cracked or Loose Mortar

Cracked or loose mortar can lead to further damage to the chimney’s structure. If the inspection findings indicate mortar damage, the contractor must remove the damaged sections and replace the building materials. New sealants are needed to prevent further leaks.

Damaged or Cracked Chimney Flashing

Flashing protects the space around the edges of the chimney against leaks. It prevents rainwater from leaking down into the chimney and other sections of the roofing. If the flashing is damaged or cracked, a leak could spread underneath the roofing materials and cause a mold development. Under the circumstances, the mold would spread and cause major property damage.

Damaged or Displaced Roof Shingles

Damaged and displaced roofing shingles are another cause of a chimney leak. Shingles surrounding the edges of the chimney protect the roofing and the chimney. After a storm, it is necessary for the property owner to review the roof for damaged shingles. Any damaged or displaced shingles could increase the risk of a chimney leak and cause more profound damage in underlying spaces.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Any time that a chimney leak is discovered, the property owner should determine if it is covered under the homeowner’s insurance. Any coverage that is available lowers the total cost of repairs or replacement services for the owner. If the contractor completes the claim, it is likely that the insurance provider might release the funds faster. Quicker access to the funds means that the project is completed sooner.

In Maryland, homeowners who install fireplaces must maintain all connecting structures. Common issues include damaged mortar, flashing issues, and displaced roofing shingles. Contractors must follow steps for repairing the chimney and any surrounding areas that are damaged. Connecting building materials are evaluated as well for issues. Property owners who want to learn more about managing a Chimney Leak Severna Park MD contact Reliable Roofers Inc for more details now.

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