Important Things to Know about Fire Sprinkler Systems

If you are concerned about fire safety for your business you know about the importance of a sprinkler system, and this is why fire sprinkler inspection is required by law in Illinois. However, did you know not all sprinkler systems are the same? In fact, there were several kinds of sprinklers on the market today and here are some important things to know about sprinkler systems.

Dry Sprinkler Systems

Not all fire sprinkler systems are wet and filled with water all the time. There are dry systems but this doesn’t mean they use powder or chemicals instead of water. A dry system still utilizes water but the pipes stay free of water until it is needed. It works by filling the lines with compressed air. A dry system is often used in areas where freezing temperatures are a problem and it eliminates trouble with frozen or broken pipes.

Pre-Action Systems

These sprinkler systems are often used in areas of high risk. For example, you may wish to protect a computer room or data processing area. They are also used in areas containing fine collectibles like art and antiques. In fact, any material which is sensitive to moisture may use a pre-action system.

Pre-action sprinkler systems work in a similar manner to dry systems. However, instead of using compressed air in the lines, water is kept out by electric switches. The switches are activated by fire sensing equipment and when opened, let water into the system. Next, the sprinkler heads turn on and they are individually activated by heat. This helps to minimize false alarms. In other words, simply holding a lighter up to a sprinkler head will not set it off.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection is Extremely Important

The state of Illinois requires all commercial sprinkler systems to be routinely inspected and this can be an inconvenience for some business, but it is the only way to be sure your system is working properly.

Damage from Fire Sprinklers

Many people are worried about possible water damage from sprinklers in their businesses. This is a legitimate concern but when you figure the kind of damage the fire department can do with their high pressure hoses, you may change your mind. For example, a large sprinkler system may release as much as 24 gallons a minute. However, fire hoses can release five times this amount of water (125 gallons per minute).

When you have a fire sprinkler inspection in Illinois, make sure it is done by qualified personnel. Your service should give you the necessary paperwork which is required by the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA).

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