In Search of the Best Vacuum Furnace Manufacturers

The modern day vacuum furnace is an important part of metal hardening these days. For example, it can greatly enhance and speed up the process of carburizing or carbonitriding. However, there are several vacuum furnace manufacturers available so which one should you choose? Here are some helpful tips for finding the best source for your vacuum furnace needs.


There is no substitute for experience. This is especially true when shopping vacuum furnace manufacturers. It takes many years to understand heat treatment methods and this is a process of evolution. When you look for a vacuum furnace source, choose a company with many decades in the business. This way, you know they can be there for you when you need them today and far into the future.


As you check into vacuum furnace manufacturers, consider the available options. For example, do they only make one kind of furnace? Perhaps they manufacture single, double, flex and even jumbo models. Maybe they make low pressure systems with high pressure quenching capabilities. The more choices you have, the more likely you are to find the perfect equipment for your needs.

Worldwide Presence

Does your manufacturer have a national or international presence? This is important for several reasons. First, an international presence tells you this company is vast and has significant resources to draw upon. They are more likely to provide you with the most innovative solutions to your needs. Plus, vacuum furnace manufacturers with worldwide presence can give you some of the most cost effective systems, due to their extensive resources and technologies.

“One Source” Systems

If you want an efficient operation, it’s best to have a complete system. In other words, the top vacuum furnace manufacturers offer complete systems, so you do not need a drawn out or extensive operation. Your system can include:

* Preheating process

* Automated equipment

* Heat treatment equipment – can be for carburizing, carbonitriding or natural heat treating.

* Quenching – your vacuum furnace can include a quenching chamber. Oil or gas quenching can be used.

* Tempering equipment

Do They Service What They Sell?

One of the most important things to remember as you search vacuum furnace manufacturers, is service. Choose a company capable of providing maintenance and parts for your equipment. This way, you only have to deal with one source and it is reliable. You will receive important services like maintenance training and simulation software. You will also have help with de-bug testing and starting up. This ensures your system gets off to the best possible start and achieves maximum efficiency.

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