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Urgent care centers are heavily used by people who cannot see their primary care doctor on the same day that they have an urgent situation. When a problem is not exactly an emergency, urgent care centers offer efficient care. You can make your facility even more efficient when you use our urgent care management software. Our cloud-based solution combines your EHRs, revenue cycle management, billing and more activities all into one program. Since it is cloud-based, you can use it at all of your facilities. If your billing specialists work from home or a remote location, that is no problem. They can use the software from any device and at any time.

Our software simplifies all of your administrative tasks. Your facility’s accuracy in billing will improve. This means a higher level of patient satisfaction because patients will not have to call you to complain about being billed for some procedure or treatment that they did not receive. Your company might even get more revenue because you will not miss out on any possible billing codes for things such as counseling or administration of a vaccine that are easy to forget to bill.

Reviewing patient records will be easier for all of the physicians at your urgent care center. Patients will appreciate the fact that the doctor pays more attention to them during the visit than they do the screen. Patient care may also be more accurate with our software.

With our urgent care management software, you can increase your facility’s efficiency at administrative tasks. Your staff members will be able to get more done in less time thanks to our cloud-based software.

For more information, about urgent care management software give us a call at PulseCheck. You can also find out additional details about our software by visiting us online at any time.

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