Injured On The Job? Call A Construction Accident Attorney To Protect Your Rights

It’s well-known that construction work is dangerous. The work crew is often a mix of older, experienced craftsmen and young workers who may have never been on a construction site before. On a construction job, inexperience causes accidents. Construction has the second-highest number of deaths for workers younger than 18.

Construction Fatalities Increased in 2014

For years, there has been an increased emphasis on safety, but in 2014, fatal work injuries actually increased 5%. That’s only a cold statistic, according to a Construction Accident Attorney. What it really means is that 874 workers lost their lives and hundreds of families lost a spouse, parent and breadwinner.

Construction Injuries

Workers need to learn the ropes quickly when they decide to work in construction. There’s a very unforgiving learning curve; 60% of the injuries on a construction site happen during a worker’s first year on the job.

According to OSHA, 10% of all construction workers will be injured this year. That works out to about 600,000 workers, or about 2,300 every workday. Some of those people will have their lives changed forever as a result of the injury; their quality of life may be destroyed forever.

Falls and the Violation of OSHA Regulations

In 2014, 349 construction workers were killed in falls, the #1 cause of death in the construction sector. That’s not surprising, considering that so much construction work requires a worker to be on a scaffolding, a roof or some other elevated part of a structure.

The darker reason for some number of these fatalities is a lack of fall protection for workers. As a group, employers in the construction industry receive the highest number of citations for violating OSHA’s requirements for providing workers with fall protection.

OSHA requires employers to:

* Ensure that there are no known dangers in the workplace;

* Keep floors clean and dry, as much as possible;

* Provide workers with the equipment needed for their personal protection at no cost;

* Provide job training that will educate workers about job hazards in an understandable format and language.

If you’ve lost a loved one in a construction accident or have been seriously injured, don’t hesitate to contact a Construction Accident Attorney. The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel have been holding responsible parties accountable for their actions since 1984. New Yorkers in the counties of Nassau, Brooklyn or Suffolk should call for a free case review to discuss their legal options.

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