Installation tips for owners of ductless air conditioning units

Investing in ductless air conditioning systems is worth your while with all benefits that you can get from owning one. They produce cleaner air and are less likely to cause diseases in the household. In contrast with the traditional air conditioning units, ductless systems don’t accumulate harmful elements like molds, bacteria and allergens. The moment a ductless install and repair Longview WA company installs the unit, you and your household members can expect to enjoy healthier air all the time.

Those that have background in plumbing or electrical jobs may attempt to install, maintain or repair ductless units. While this is one good way of cutting costs, it’s not something that’s recommended to be done. Despite the fact that ductless units may seem handy, they require precise installation and repair procedures; that’s why it’s always prudent to enlist the help of reliable ductless install and repair Longview WA companies to do the job the right way.

You can get yourself familiar with the steps and procedures needed to put up a ductless air conditioning unit. These can serve as your guide in monitoring the progress of your ductless unit installation.

1. First, you have to find the position and location for your air conditioner condenser. This may be on the ground somewhere close to your house. Lay a pad on your chosen location and place the condenser on top of the pad.

2. Drill a hole that’s large enough for the wires and hose of the refrigerant line. This line usually goes from the condenser to the basement where the ductless unit will be located (aside from the basement, it can also be on the exterior of the house).
3. Don’t forget the electrical cables and wires that will provide electricity from the condenser to the air conditioning unit. This part of the installation is highly critical and always best delegated to ductless install and repair Longview WA companies. These companies should have a licensed electrician in their team who can efficiently handle this specific task.

4. The main air conditioning unit should have a PVC drain line.

5. Ductless units can be mounted on the wall. Recommended height for every unit is usually indicated on the equipment manual that’s part of your purchase. Check this information and install the unit as prescribed in the manual. Again, this is best assigned to a ductless install and repair Longview WA expert.

6. All the lines mentioned above, the refrigerant line, pvc drain and electrical line, should be properly connected. Needless to say, a licensed electrician should be the one to do this in order to prevent risks of injury.

It may seem that the entire process of installing ductless unit is easy. However, if you want to ensure longer lifespan for your investment, less repair costs and minimized problems in the future, you have to leave the job to the ductless install and repair Longview WA experts. They have the right experience and training required for the job and they are also equipped with the right tools.

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