Intercom Systems: Part Of A Comprehensive Fire Alarm System

Smoke detectors and fire alarms are designed to warn those in a building about the presence of fire. Unless linked into a system that includes fire retardant measures, the entire purpose is to warn and not intervene. As part of an overall system meant to protect people from the ominous threat of fire, such systems are admirable and effective. However, a truly comprehensive system is one that also features intercom systems.

What Are Intercom Systems?

An intercom system is simply a two-way device that links up an individual with a call center or other point. It a manual call point through someone may use to communicate a problem or issue such as a fire. These are commonly installed in warehouses and factories in Illinois and throughout the other states to facilitate communication between various employees and related personnel. They are very effective where cellphones are prohibited or simply cannot provide the right connections.

Intercoms are usually set up with buttons to direct the call to a specific section or central call station. They can, however, provide a direct link between two specific parts of a warehouse or other structure.

Why Include them in a Fire Alarm System?

Intercom fire alarm systems are an excellent way to broadcast a problem. If connected to a speaker, they can inform everyone within a set distance of an issue. They can tell the exact location so people can act on the fire plan. While it may not specifically identify the problem, the individual using it can certainly inform others about the situation, where it is occurring, and the current conditions.

Raising the alarm is an important step in any fire plan in Illinois. This makes including an intercom system a means of achieving this goal. In fact, fire alarm systems should always be complemented by some form of communication equipment. Using an intercom system can be advantageous because:

 * People pay more attention to a voice than they do a fire alarm bell or other noise.
 * People will believe this to be a fire and not a false alarm or a drill
 * It is a means of providing clear instructions to those within the building
 * It is an effective and swift means of informing every one of the situation, including between buildings and across the entire structure

To accomplish this, it is important to consider specific location of the intercom system. It is also essential to keep it in excellent working order and to test it.

Intercom Systems

For a fire alarm system to be completely integrated and wholly effective, it requires a working intercom system. In any good fire protection and warning system, each component needs to work together. As a result, in the warehouse and office structures throughout Illinois, companies are working with technology to ensure the safety of their employees/tenants and assets/goods. One important but often overlooked aspect is the need for communication. Companies can and do overcome this issue by installing effective intercom systems.

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