Interesting Facts about Fresh Beignets, Houston, TX

Beignets were one of the favourite dishes of the people of ancient Rome. After winning the hearts of many in Rome, beignets reached Europe and then finally moved to the US. A beignet is a deep fried French pastry. Today, it is one of the most preferred parties of Americans, especially of those Americans living in New Orleans and Houston. Here are some interesting facts about fresh beignets in Houston TX.

Shipley Do-Nuts is known for providing hot and soft donuts. They are one of the best when it comes to donut delivery and a donut catering. Today, Shipley Do-Nuts are known for delivering the best fresh beignets in Houston. Many people, who have moved to Houston from New Orleans, consider Shipley Do-Nuts as the best place to get soft and crispy beignets.

Some Interesting Facts about Fresh Beignets

1. Fresh beignets in Houston, TX, are different from do-nuts, as beignets are square in shape and do not have the great hole that can be seen in do-nuts.

2. Many places in the US, especially in New Orleans and Houston, serve sugar coated beignets as breakfast items.

3. Beignets are always made fresh so that they remain crispy and soft and are ready to eat.

4. Beignets are fried in hot oil that uses high smoke. If you are a fan of New Orleans desserts, then you need to try the fresh beignets from Houston Texas.

5. Fresh beignets are often served with a powdered sugar coating that gives it a unique taste.

6. Many people prefer to have beignets with coffee for breakfast. It is considered more filling than do-nuts.

7. If you like Southern-style cooking, then you should not miss out on the fresh beignets from Houston, Texas.

8. Beignets are classified to be a kind of airy choux pastry dish.


Dessert lovers should not miss the fresh beignets that can not only fill your stomach but also make you fall in love with it. Have your fresh beignets today and enjoy the taste that takes you back in time.

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