Interesting Facts About Pipe Bending In Kent Washington

For those who do not know much about pipe bending, it is a fascinating profession. While many people may not ever think too much about it, they may be surprised at just how prevalent Pipe Bending Kent Washington is in their daily lives. Here are some fun facts about the subject.

Definition Of The Term

When people talk about pipe bending, they are referring to the process of forming metal into coils and pipes. This process has been used for a long period in the gas and oil industry. While the process began in a primitive fashion, it has developed into a high-tech process that exists on the cutting-edge.

Types Of Bending

There are several types of Pipe Bending Kent Washington that are commonly used in the industry. Cold coiling is a term which refers to a high-speed manufacturing process while hot coiling is a process which is mainly used in the repair industry. Both forms of coiling can be either form bending or free-form bending. Form refers to the type of bending which is done by pressing and drawing. Free-form bending refers to metal shaped by motion.

Very Specialized Skill

While it may not seem like it on the surface, pipe bending is a very specialized skill which can take years to master. When searching for a company to bend pipes, the customer should always do their research first. The company should employ people who have years of experience. The machines vary in regards to purpose. The machines are programmable, manual, round, and hydraulic. The technician will take into account the specific characteristics of the metal being used. This is why it is so important to use a company with highly-trained individuals such as Specialty Metals.

Unique Uses

Workers have developed some unique uses for bent pipes. One of these uses is diagnosing oil wells. Often, the well will need to have chemicals pumped deep into them. This works much better when the chemicals are pumped into them using pipes instead of relying on gravity.

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