Investigating Truck Accidents In Wichita, KS That Produced Significant Injuries

Truck Accidents in Wichita, KS produce severe and often life-threatening injuries. Following a truck accident law enforcement officials conduct an investigation to determine the cause. In some cases, it is necessary for them to impound the truck to conduct testing and evaluations. They additionally, determine whether the driver was intoxicated or exceeded the legal limit for on-road operations for commercial and private 18-wheeler drivers.

Investigating an 18-wheeler Accident

Once law enforcement officials discover that an 18-wheeler accident has occurred, they are typically the first to arrive on the scene along with paramedics. After emergency services treat the injured or transfer them to a medical facility, these officers establish who was at fault. If it is obvious that the driver was intoxicated, testing is conducted to determine blood-alcohol content. If this is the case, the driver is initially charged with a DUI.

After further evaluation of the accident concludes that the driver was not intoxicated, officers determine whether faulty equipment or repairs played a role in this accident. This requires that the owner of the 18-wheeler to present officers with a repair log. After the investigation is concluded, a report is released to the court. Your attorney has access to this report determine whether you have a viable claim against the driver of the 18-wheeler through a personal injury claim.

Local Accident Attorneys

The Case, Moses, and Zimmerman Law Firm provides victims with a clear option after an 18-wheeler accident. These attorneys review the accident report and the results of investigations to determine the originating cause of the victim’s injuries. Through the litigation process, these attorneys seek compensation for these victims and their families. Victims who were injured during Truck Accidents in Wichita, KS should contact this law firm for further assistance.


Detrimental and fatal injuries are probable during Truck Accidents in Wichita, KS. The circumstances that surround the events that led up to the accident additionally play a role and make it more simplistic for law enforcement to determine who was at fault. Determining fault in 18-wheeler accidents, typically requires an investigation by the highway patrol or other law enforcement agencies.

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