Is Cheap Auto Insurance Worth It?

Auto insurance is a game of finding the best price for you. However, there is a distinct difference between cheap car insurance and affordable car insurance. What are those differences, and what makes one “affordable” and the other “cheap”? If you’re considering cheap car insurance in Illinois, and asking yourself this question, the differences are as follows.

#1. Bad coverage
Going for the absolute cheapest option an insurance provider puts forward is a serious gamble, because you’re essentially taking the lowest amount of options and coverages, and that will likely come back to bite you later on. For example, your state automatically provides liability insurance. But if you only take this, then you can only cover the costs of damages done in an accident caused by you, but only for the other driver. With no coverage for yourself.

#2. Lackluster customer service
Insurance in general is a game of nepotism. The higher plan you choose, the more likely you are to get the help you need when you need it. Choosing the cheapest option puts you pretty far down on their priority list, so you are much less likely to get any kind of customer support. Always look over reviews from past customers to see how they treat different customers based on coverage tiers.

#3. Unreasonably high out-of-pocket costs
It’s a common misconception to choose high deductibles on your insurance policy in order to take advantage of the low premiums. But all this means, especially in cheaper insurance plans, that you end up paying way more out of pocket expenses up front than you would have by taking the default mode. It’s a common trick among insurance plans, but especially with the cheap options.

#4. Leaves you vulnerable to scams
Rather than looking for a plan from a specific provider, imagine instead that you’re looking for a whole new insurance provider altogether to give you a cheaper option. Scam artists prey on this desperation, offering deals that sound too good to be true. However, when you go to make a claim, you’ll find that the company never actually existed, and you’ve just been scammed out of all your money. Good warning signs to watch out for are the price being significantly lower than the average for your state, and the lack of an insurance ID card. Any legitimate insurance establishment will make sure you receive an ID card when you sign on with them.

While cheap auto insurance has appeals, just as any insurance plan does, it has its fair share of drawbacks. When it comes to insurance, it’s just best to stick with a slightly expensive, but affordable plan that gives you solid coverage. Visit for more details.

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