Is Honed Granite Tile in Sacramento, CA The Right Choice for the Home?

While talking with a contractor about some home renovations, the issue of using polished versus honed granite tile in Sacramento CA arises. Which one would be the best choice for the home? The only way to know for sure is to take a good look at the benefits that honed granite provides. Here are some examples.

Considering the Finish

Honed Granite Tile in Sacramento CA is created by using abrasives to smooth the surface. Honed granite does not require the same amount of abrasive action as polished granite. When the homeowner would prefer something with a dull shine or a matte finish over a glossy look, the honed granite tile is definitely the way to go.

The Potential for Staining

Any type of granite can be stained. The best way to avoid any severe staining is to apply a sealant to the surface once the ideal sheen is achieved. Keep in mind that, even with a protective coating on the granite, some slight staining may occur. This can be resolved by using cleaning agents designed to lift the stain out of the granite surface.


People sometimes think that honed granite will be more durable since it is not subjected to as much abrasive action. The fact is that honing will not necessarily make any difference. The determining factor is the quality of the granite used. For this reason, the question to ask the contractor is more about the strength of the granite proper and not which process would make it more or less durable.


In recent years, honed granite has become a popular option. This can drive up the cost a little, but remember that it is possible to go back later and use different methods to polish the surface for a different look. With granite that is already polished, it would be difficult to change the look so it resembled a honed material.

For help with choosing the right granite tile, check out today and compare the various options. Get an opinion from a trusted contractor and obtain samples to see how they look in the space. Doing so ensures the client is happy with the installation of the new tile.

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