Is It Time For An Update? Give Your Vehicle A Custom New Residence!

Custom Garages

Have you hesitated to build a new garage because you have not found a plan that you like? Look no further. Indiana Garage Guy will work with you to design a custom garage to fit your needs. This includes add-on or detached garage with all the unique features that you are looking for.

Competitive Garage Prices in Indiana

Price is always a concern. Indiana Garage Guys know this and offer some of the best competitive garage prices in Indiana. If you need financing, it can be included in the package.

Add-Ons Such As…
Roofs can be 2 points, 4 points, I joist or Reverse gable. As far as size is concerned, you can count on the sky being the limit. This includes additional storage, car capacity, and exterior style of your custom garage. Think of designing a garage that compliments your home exterior or one that gives a new updated look, plus increasing the value of your property.

Need A Repair?

Whether it is the roof, the siding, or the door, Indiana Garage Guy will be on hand to solve the repair problem. A no-obligation free estimate is included with the inspection. If you need a custom shed, no problem. You have a say in the design when talking to an experienced staff member. Check out the online gallery if looking for ideas or quality of craftsmanship.

Think of good quality, designed just the way you want it, and possible financing in a one-stop-shop. Check it out today at Indiana Garage Guy, just one click away.

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