Is There a General Rule of Thumb for the Life of Window Treatments?

You’ve had the same old curtains hanging at the same old windows for years. In remodeling your home, you’ve decided to finally get new windows. With this big change, you don’t want to go back and rehang those same old drapes. Perhaps you’ve browsed pictures of the different styles of shades and shutters that are available and are keen to install one in your home. For more information about the various types of window treatments in Madison, WI, and how long they last, consider the following.


These are the cheapest of window treatments and are therefore chosen for most new living spaces. The slats can be easily broken, warped by weathering, or fractured by pets trying to look outside. It’s more cost effective to replace the whole set than one slat. Blinds usually last two to four years.


The technology built into shades means not just style and beauty but energy savings as well. However, they can split, fray, and tear, especially if they’re raised and lowered with some force. Shades have a life span of five to seven years if you care for them properly.


Shutters add an elegance to a room that may be harder to achieve from other window treatments in Madison, WI. Easy to clean and adjust for optimum light, they offer the best in both privacy as well as energy efficiency. They cost a little more, but their effect on a room is unbeatable. Shutters last 10 to 15 years.

Polywood shutters are made of engineered wood. They don’t warp, chip, or crack, making them animal proof. They insulate better than wood to the tune of 70 percent. Their lifespan of 30 years might outlast your tenancy of the house.

Of course, there’s also the old stand-by draperies. These last eight to 12 years and can be easily switched out for new ones whenever you tire of them.

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