Is Your Pet Ill?

If your beloved pet is seriously ill, then it requires assistance at an animal hospital in Chicago. Cats and dogs can become ill quickly, and the animal may display signs of distress. A veterinarian can determine if an animal has been poisoned by eating something inappropriate or if the animal has another medical issue such as an obstructed bowel. In some cases, a pet will have odd symptoms for a few days, but a pet owner doesn’t recognize the problem until the animal is in danger.

Routine and Emergency Care

Fortunately, there is an animal hospital in Chicago that offers routine and emergency care for all types of pets. A knowledgeable veterinarian can examine an animal along with collecting specimens of blood, stool or urine to determine if the pet has a minor or major health problem. In addition, there are specialized medical imaging machines so that the veterinarian can look at the pet’s bones or internal organs. A combination of test results can determine if an animal has a chronic condition such as diabetes mellitus or a temporary problem such as kidney stones.

Learn More about Caring for a Pet

At an animal hospital in Chicago, your pet can receive medications for an illness, or an animal might need surgery to repair an internal health issue. The veterinarian might need to keep your pet at the facility for observation to understand if the animal is healing properly. If you need to learn how to care for a pet that has a chronic condition, then the veterinarian can help you plan a special diet and medication plan for your dog or cat. For additional information about caring for a sick animal, contact Village West Veterinary today.

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