Key Differences in Commercial and Residential HVAC Companies

Do you have a large construction project underway, but aren’t sure whether you need the services of a residential or a commercial HVAC company? Here are some important differences between the two to help guide your decision:

Experience with Powerful Systems

As you will see, much of the difference between commercial and residential HVAC lies in the differences between these types of systems themselves. Residential systems are typically sized for a single-family home, while commercial systems may need to heat and cool hundreds of thousands of square feet. Knowing how to install and service these much-larger systems is the mark of an experienced commercial contractor.

Understanding of Commercial Unit Placement

Commercial HVAC units are also located in different areas of the buildings where they are installed then the units installed in homes. While most homes you see have their HVAC outdoor components in a similar location, you may find commercial units in a variety of locations on the grounds, each chosen for maximum safety and efficiency.

Understanding of Packaged Units

Residential HVAC units are typical “split” units. This means that the heating and the cooling elements of these systems are usually kept separate. This is not usually the case in commercial applications. Here, the unit is “packaged.” This means that the components are centrally located–and that the technicians servicing these systems must both understand and be capable of working with this different format.

Familiarity with Modular Systems

If you’ve ever seen the rows or block formations of HVAC units located near shopping centers, department stores, movie theaters and other large, commercial locations, you’ve seen modular formatting. These units are specialized to work in groups to provide greater capacity for heating and cooling, unlike residential units which stand alone. Making sure your contractor understands modular units will ensure you hire the right person to install and service yours.

Your preferred Portland commercial HVAC company may also provide residential HVAC services. There’s nothing wrong with that! Just be sure to ask for experience and certification details up front, so you can be sure you’ve hired the right professionals for the job.

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