Key Things To Know About A Blepharoplasty

What is a Blepharoplasty Lakeview?

A blepharoplasty is a procedure that is used to fix droopy eyelids. It may also be used to remove excess fat, muscle and skin from around the eyes. Blepharoplasty can help improve vision. It can also improve your appearance.

If you get a blepharoplasty done to improve your appearance, then it probably will not be covered by your insurance. However, if you get this procedure done to improve your insurance, then it may be covered by your insurance.

How to Prepare for a Blepharoplasty

You will need to meet with a doctor before you get a blepharoplasty. Your doctor will discuss your medical history and expectations. You will also need to undergo a physical examination before you get a blepharoplasty.

How to Prepare for a Blepharoplasty

You will receive anesthesia prior to this procedure. In most cases, local anesthesia is used. However, if your procedure is complicated, then you may need general anesthesia. The procedure will typically last 20 minutes to one hour.

There are a few things that you will need to do to prepare for your procedure. You may be advised to stop taking blood thinners prior to this procedure. You may need to fast for a few hours prior to your procedure. You will not be able to wear makeup. Additionally, you should arrange for someone to take you home after the procedure is over.

Risks of Surgery

Blepharoplasty is a procedure that is relatively safe. However, it does come with the following risks.

Dry, irritated eyes
Skin discoloration
Blurry vision
Injury to eye muscles
Reaction to the anesthesia

If you are in need of a blepharoplasty Lakeview, then you will need to contact J. Cohen.

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