Know the Facts About COVID-19 When Selecting a Senior Living Community

If someone you love lives in an assisted living community it is normal to feel concerned over their health and safety. Maybe it has been a while since you were able to see your loved one. Visits to assisted living facilities are more difficult since COVID-19 entered the picture. It is important to remember that any restrictions in place that make it more difficult to see your loved one is for their benefit, and the benefit of their neighbors. Understanding the many myths and facts around COVID-19 can help ease your mind.

Myths and Facts About COVID-19

The most common point of confusion surrounding this illness is how it is spread. Because many asymptomatic people can still carry the disease and spread it to others, it was initially challenging to determine how it was passed from person to person. We now know that it is not likely to be spread by touching something that the infected person touched. Spreading through the air is the main source of transmission.

Even this fact can be confusing. Some people wrongly believe that if you are outside, the disease will disperse in the air, preventing infection. Others believe if you are maintaining social distancing a mask is not necessary. Each of these things reduces the risk of transmission, but none prevent it entirely. For the safety of you and your loved ones, as well as others you interact with, conducting visits outside, wearing a mask, and maintaining social distancing are all necessary to have the safest possible contact.

At The Chelsea at Sparta we take the safety of our residence seriously. If someone you love needs assisted living, and are looking for an assisted living community, get in touch with us at today.

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