Learn about Hazardous Goods Shipping and When You May Need It

Have you ever ordered a television online and had it delivered to your door? If so, you are like many people and have probably never considered that televisions and other electronics are considered hazardous goods in the shipping world. The term hazardous is used for many different items because they could be hazardous to the health of others or could cause fires or explosions if not handled properly and it is important to understand more about it.


It may be surprising to know that there are nine different classes of hazardous goods and that when shipping the items must be classed properly. A good courier will be able to handle the classing of items for you. Explosives are considered a class one good while miscellaneous and corrosive substances are number nine. Clearly, explosive materials are a higher hazard than a corrosive substance, though all classes are considered dangerous.

Anything flammable is considered a class-three good and can include alcoholic beverages, rubbing alcohol and anything else flammable. While gasoline is a flammable liquid, it is in a class all by itself, registering at number two in the class list.


While it is your responsibility to know if something is hazardous or not to save time, it is ultimately the courier who must realize if something is hazardous so that it has the proper declarations, packaging and labels. Many times, hazardous and dangerous are used interchangeably, though certain differences are present.

While both may require extra documentation and paperwork to ship, some items cannot be shipped at all or only under extreme circumstances. Chemicals can be dangerous if mixed incorrectly, but they can be shipped if they are labeled properly and kept separate for the journey.


You should understand that hazardous goods shipping is made available by couriers because they are sometimes necessary and that not everything you want to ship will be allowed at certain times. Guarantees are rarely made for hazardous goods, other than dry ice, radioactive materials and magnetized supplies.

Many couriers require specific needs and conditions be met before shipping these goods and this may require you to wait to have the items shipped until enough of the hazardous goods can go together or on certain days or at certain times of the year to ensure that everyone handling the items will be safe.

Hazardous goods shipping isn’t done by every courier, but Fastway Worldwide Express India does handle these items for you and ensures safety at every turn.

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