Learn More About Teeth Whitening in Redding

If you have ever considered whitening your teeth, there is no better time. With the latest advancements in cosmetic dental care, there are now more effective methods of whitening your teeth. Instead of trying to treat your teeth at home, it is important you see your dentist. At-home whitening kits often contain silica, an ingredient known to cause damage to tooth enamel. Not only are these kits damaging to your teeth, but they are also ineffective. If you are looking for true whitening results, you need Teeth Whitening Redding treatments carried out through your dentist.

How Does the Dentist Perform Teeth Whitening Redding Treatments?

To whiten your teeth, they must be clean and completely dry. Your dentist will clean your teeth, making sure any food and plaque are removed, so the whitening procedure will be effective. Once clean, you will have a special device placed around your teeth, to keep your cheeks and lips away from the treated areas. This protects these sensitive areas from having the whitening solution irritate them. Once your teeth are fully prepared, the dentist will begin mixing your whitening solution.

There are two main types of whiteners dental offices use. A traditional whitening treatment contains the main ingredient of hydrogen peroxide. Bleaching treatments use carbamide peroxide. Your dentist will properly mix your solution and paint it on the front of all of your teeth. Often, the dentist will then use a special light to enhance the whitening ability of the treatment. This is especially used during bleaching treatments. The solution will be allowed to sit on your teeth for a timed period and will then be thoroughly rinsed away.

The dentist will then review your results and discuss whether or not you want further treatments or are happy with the level of whitening achieved. You will be given a treatment protocol to use at home, so you can help to keep your teeth white between treatments. This can help to prevent stains from building up on your teeth.

If you want to have your teeth whitened, so your smile looks better than ever before, contact Moore & Pascarella Dental Group and allow them to schedule you an appointment today.

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