Learn Why Speaking in Front of Large Audiences Is an Art and a Science

There are certain actors, politicians, and famous individuals who have voices that are easily recognizable. When they serve as motivational keynote speakers, the speeches they give are memorable. It’s not just what they say, but it’s how they say it. A good speaking voice is key for a motivational keynote speaker to be successful.

Speakers need to stand in front of large audiences so their voices need to be robust and have the ability to carry across the room. It doesn’t matter if they’re good with a microphone. The speaker’s voice should be such that it carries without assistance. They should have a voice that exudes authority, influence, and respect.

The speaker’s voice is what is going to keep the audience focused during the whole presentation. Sure, the speaker might include visual aids or devices to keep the audience’s attention. However, it is their voice that is going to keep the audience engaged during the presentation.

A strong voice at times can become overbearing or too much. A good speaker is also going to be able to be concise, speak with clarity, and have good annunciation. Modulation is everything in public speaking.

A speaker who has good pace, pitch, and the modulation is able to use their voice in the same way that a musician uses an instrument. As their voice rises, so does the emotion of the audience. As their voice drops, so does the intensity in the room. This is why being a good speaker is considered to be an art and a science.

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