Learn Your Rights Under Current Lemon Law Regulations in Tennessee

To protect the interests of used car buyers, most states have enacted certain lemon laws to regulate this sale process. New vehicles come with timed warranties from both the car manufacturer and the car dealer where the buyer goes to purchase their new car. Buyers that purchase used vehicles generally do not have this added insurance benefit, and some buyers have been taken advantage of when purchasing problematic vehicles without being told of these issues upfront. The seller, manufacturing company or car dealerships could all potentially be liable if it is proven that they were dishonest about the car’s exact condition before the sale. Consult with a reputable law firm who understands the complex details of Tennessee lemon laws.

The frustration of being stuck with a vehicle that is not dependable and breaks down often needing expensive and time-consuming repair services can be exhausting. Most individuals who purchase a used vehicle do so because they have limited funds for transportation expenses. Learn your rights under current lemon law regulations in Tennessee by scheduling an informative legal consultation with an honest and knowledgeable Tennessee lemon law attorney. These laws are there to protect the rights of buyers that find themselves in this inconvenient and stressful position.

A law firm that understands all of the nuances of current and subject to change Tennessee lemon law specifics can gain access to the necessary car history documentation. These documents can help prove that someone else is monetarily liable for compensation of expensive car repairs or must issue a refund on the vehicle. A skilled attorney can help used car buyers navigate the confusing stipulations that the law gives to allow time for a situation fix before a replacement car or refund is mandatory. Call Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center.

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