Learning More About Cremation in Bel Air

The funeral industry is undergoing many changes. Families prefer to honor deceased loved ones in non-traditional ways. For instance, some funeral homes stopped buying limousines because they were not in demand. Now, if there’s a request, the funeral home procures a rental limo. Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services keep up with trends. They offer traditional funerals and Cremation in Bel Air. Indeed, visit the website to learn more.


There’s no question that cremation is less expensive than earth burial. A large part of the expense is the preparation of the body. Funeral directors must disinfect and embalm bodies before burial. Further, there are costs for cosmetics and hairstyling. Additional charges include keeping the body and transporting the remains. The cemetery charges for a plot, and there’s a cost for opening and closing the grave. Of course, many families purchase a memorial stone at some point.

The big-ticket items are not there with cremation. Crematoriums require the family to purchase a $100 container for the body. Further, the ashes are usually placed in an urn. The crematorium charges a small fee for a cardboard box if the family doesn’t have an urn. Many persons choose to buy an urn later.

Cremation Popularity

People are living longer than ever, which is another reason cremation is popular. Elderly people tend to forget many things, like paying insurance premiums. The family discovers there’s no life insurance after their death. Likewise, there are seniors who outlive their children, and there’s no one left to pay for a funeral.

Cremation in Bel Air is also popular because the Catholic church approved the practice. For years, the Catholic Church forbade cremation. There was concern about what would happen to the soul if there wasn’t a body. Church policy was changed in 1963 to allow cremation. However, Catholics must respect the cremains. For instance, the church forbids scattering ashes.

Cremation Trends

Undoubtedly, individuals are adding a personal touch to cremation. Scattering parties or events are a growing trend. For example, the deceased wanted their cremains scattered at sea. The family plans a trip together to the beach and fulfills those wishes. Some prefer artists who mix paint with cremains to create a portrait of the deceased. There’s certainly more than one way to honor a loved one. Click here for more information about our services.

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