Learning the Joys of River Cruises with AMA Waterways

There is nothing like a cruise vacation. Getting on a big cruise ship, sailing the ocean seas with the sea air and the, hopefully, gorgeous weather is something that is enjoyed by millions of travelers every year. It is fun to visit the exotic ports that the cruise ships spend a few hours on, but ocean cruises are not the only cruises that can be enjoyed. For some, a better option are the river cruises that can be enjoyed with AMA Waterways.

What is a River Cruise

It may sound a little simple, but a river cruise is exactly what it sounds like. Cruise ships take a trip along one of the many large rivers in the world. The cruise ships differ in some ways from the large ocean-going ships. River cruise ships are smaller, but they do not lack in the amenities that are expected while on a cruise vacation. Great food, entertainment and all of the other fun things to do when on a cruise ship will be found when taking a river cruise.

What river cruises can offer is the chance to see some great cities and towns along the path of the river. At Great Escapes Travel, our experienced travel agents are ready to make your family’s vacation dreams a reality. We Can Help You Plan Your Ideal Trip!

Planning a River Cruise

While it is simple to book a river cruise, there are some things that a person should do before they book a trip. They need to think about the type of river cruise that they want to take. European river cruises can take passengers along a trip down the Danube. Stops in many of the old cities can allow people to see amazing parts of Europe along with some great events. Holiday river cruises can take people to villages that celebrate the season in unique ways. Cruises that are designed to see some of the oldest cities can also be found. Many river cruises can be extended to allow the passengers to spend more time on land and visit more of the cities in Europe.

There is never a bad time of the year to think about river cruises with AMA Waterways. Unlike some ocean cruises that have specific seasons, river cruises can be found year round. The weather will vary depending on the season, but so will the sites that can be seen. Whether you choose to take a cruise during the height of the summer tourist season or if you choose to spend Christmas on a cruise ship, the options are there.

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