Little Known Facts about Sedation Dentists in Niles

Due to experiences in the past, a dental office is usually a place that many patients have suffered dental mishaps. The negative conditioning of patient anxiety and responsiveness to key stimuli should be minimized by taking adequate precautions beforehand. Furniture, including tables, plants, etc. gives a positive image. Sedation Dentists in Niles understand this very concept. This is why the waiting room is free of unpleasant noise from the work area (drill, suction), and conventional odors (disinfectants, etc.).


However, there are patients that need a little extra sedation when it comes to dental visits. This article will explain the different types of sedation.

Sedation by inhalation of nitrous oxide

A patient suffering from dentophobia can receive treatment with nitrous oxide. They breathe through a light affixed to a nose mask. A mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen is inhaled, while soft soothing music is played. This helps the patient tune out the noises of what is going on around him or her. Fear gives way to a pleasant feeling of warmth and well-being.

The “laughing gas,” or chemically speaking nitrous oxide (N2O), was first applied in medicine over 150 years ago. It is remarkable that a dentist, American Horace Wells, first discovered the narcotic effect of the colorless gas in 1844. Initially, nitrous oxide was used in its pure state without oxygen, which causes a momentary loss of consciousness. It also gives the patient uncontrollable fits of laughter.

* Pain relief (analgesia) : Treatment with nitrous oxide can significantly push up the threshold of pain. The patient will hardly feel any pain. The injection of local anesthesia, which in other circumstances, is often perceived as unpleasant.

* Anti-anxiety effect (anxiolysis) : Nitrous oxide can significantly calm anxiety. Fear and tension initially gives way to a comfortable transient state. As laughing gas stimulates pleasant thoughts and imagination, from a subjective point of view, the duration of treatment seems shorter to the patient.

Treatment under general anesthesia

The dream of every anxious patient is to sleep gently and undergo treatment in a deep sleep without noticing anything. Sedation Dentists in Niles can put patients under general anesthesia and this fulfills these criteria. Narcosis is a deep artificial sleep triggered by drugs, causing a total loss of consciousness. There are no more pain sensations or protective reflexes. General anesthesia is initiated by an injection into the arm vein. For more information on sedation dentistry.

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