Live the High Life on the Upper East Side

The allure of the Upper East Side hasn’t vaguely dimmed. If anything it’s shining even more brightly. In the city that never sleeps, more and more of its residents aspire to call the Upper East Side home. It’s not surprising then that development is taking place and that there are an increasing number of Upper East Side apartments for sale. In some parts it’s due to refurbishment of existing grand old apartment buildings, while in others it’s the demolition of graceful mansions to make way for glittering new high-rise buildings. Given the price-tag of owning real estate in this exclusive neck-of-the-woods, luxury has become standard, as the residents demand it. Amazing views are usually a feature of most apartments, along with the knowledge that you’re living in an extremely safe and exclusive area.

Expensive and Exclusive?

Stereotypes abound about the Upper East Side, which is probably why so many films and television shows have been situated here. However, while old money still holds sway, a younger, trendier generation is moving in and making the place their own. Yes it can be affordable, and, yes you can still see many older women in their pearls and furs walking their designer dogs, but some of the pretensions of the past are starting to change as a new generation dismantles some of the gentrified stereo-types of old. A few years ago many millennials would have described this part of town as being rather dull and with minimal night-life. In reality, the Upper East Side is becoming much more diverse and there’s affordable housing for those who want to live in Manhattan, along with the exclusive residences. This makes for a more vibrant and eclectic lifestyle, which is probably why so many new foodie establishments and ‘happening’ clubs have been opening. With this new group of people bringing downtown uptown, no more can it be said that this area closes down at sunset.

Enjoy a Well Rounded Lifestyle in Manhattan

Along with all the luxury apartments for sale in the Upper East Side, is some of the most exclusive shopping available. This is where you’ll find Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys. It’s expensive, it’s opulent, and it may be for the limited few but there are many other delights that come without a hefty price tag. Central Park is available for picnics or jogging, and then there are some of the best museums in the country. Good restaurants abound and are no longer only for the exclusive few. The variety of new establishments in recent years means that there’s a menu to suit every budget.

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