Looking for Collision Repair New Jersey?

Collision Repair New Jersey are collision repair technicians that are very knowledgeable in the field that pertains to auto body repair. These technicians possess the skill set that is necessary in order to perform the repairs that are related as well as any custom refinishing in order to meet the manufacture’s specifications.

Technicians that specialize in Collision Repair New Jersey make repairs to damaged vehicles which include trucks, cars, buses, vans, trailers, as well as campers. Collision Repair New Jersey facilities may also give you an estimate of the actual price that it will cost you in order to complete the repair job. They also may use a pick hammer, punch, as well as any other small type of hammer in order to pound out any small dents that may have occurred.

Collision Repair New Jersey straighten twisted or bent vehicle frames as well as weld any metal parts as needed. They also have the skill set to remove, replace or even repair doors, fenders, as well as many other vehicle body parts. Collision Repair New Jersey facilities also are able to fill any damaged areas with plastic fillers and/or solder, they are able to grind, file, sand as well as smooth out any of these repaired or filled surfaces. Collision Repair New Jersey have the skill set to refinish these repairs or filled parts with a coating primer, sand and or paint as well as adding a finished coat.

Due to the fact that the Collision Repair New Jersey industry changes very quickly, mechanics must continue with training. This allows these repair shops to provide customers with the very best collision repair that can ultimately be provided.  For many customer service is one of their main concerns. They will ultimately minimize the inconvenience that is placed on any customer by assisting with any and all repair details, providing only the highest quality materials and parts that are available on the market today, as well as the utmost superior workmanship through their highly qualified trained collision repair technicians.

For more information, contact Frank’s Auto Repair & Auto Body Inc., or call them at 908-322-4075.

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