Maintain Your Families Smile for Life with General Dentistry in Keizer OR

Proper dental care and oral hygiene are important for maintaining a healthy smile. This consists of regular, daily habits that promote a healthy smile, as well as regular check ups and preventative care with a dentist.

This care is important for every member of the family, regardless of age. General Dentistry in Keizer OR can help maintain a family’s smile and provide the tools and knowledge needed to maintain a smile throughout one’s life.

Beginning Dental Care and Habits

Babies first begin getting teeth around six months. These teeth are very important for learning to eat, as well as jaw growth. It is recommended to begin a regular dental care habit with the baby at least when the first tooth appears.

Wiping down the tooth with gauze or a soft washcloth is recommended before age one. This helps the baby learn at a young age that dental care is important. By age one, the baby should visit the dentist for a check up and begin getting them used to these visits.

Toddlers and Small Children

These are the most important years for dental care. Instilling healthy habits now will stay with children throughout their lifetime. It is important to begin a regular brushing routine for even small children.

A very soft toothbrush and a pea sized amount of toothpaste are all that is needed to clean their little teeth. Maintaining this can ensure they understand the importance and stick to it as they get older. In addition, regular cleanings and check ups can help ensure their teeth are growing properly.

Older Children

By this age, most baby teeth are gone and permanent teeth have come in. During these years, it is important to reinforce those brushing habits learned as a child. This can ensure they maintain them throughout adulthood.

In addition, dental visits are vitally important to ensure teeth are growing in the right place and no issues are occurring. General Dentistry in Keizer OR can also help to identify the need for braces or other appliances to keep teeth straight.

Adult Dental Care

For the adults in the family, it is important to maintain their teeth, as well. Not only for their own benefit but to reinforce the importance for their children. Many dentists offer family dental care to allow the entire family to get treatment at one location. Contact Riverfront Dental LLC for more information.

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