Maintaining Copper Roofing in Port Washington NY

When someone has Copper Roofing in Port Washington NY adorning their home, it is likely they will want it to remain in the best of condition for as long as possible. There are several maintenance steps a homeowner can take to aid in keeping their copper rooftop looking like new. Here are some tips that will help to accomplish this task.

Keep Gutters Free Of Debris

If gutters attached to home become full of natural debris, moisture can make its way onto copper shingles or panels. This could then alter the copper as saturation could lead to rust. Staying on top of gutter debris removal will avoid this scenario. A roofing company will help with gutter clean outs if necessary.

Remove Material From The Rooftop Regularly

Copper roofing will require that routine cleanings are done to remove any debris that lands on top of the structure. This will help to keep copper from fading or rusting. A roof broom can be used to remove material when it is noticed. It is best to avoid using a roof rake on copper as it can cause scratching to occur. Alternately, a leaf blower can be used to remove dry material with ease. When cleaning the roof, use a non-abrasive sponge or mop to clean off harder to remove substances. A copper cleaning agent can be purchased from a home goods store to help moisten dried on the material, so it is easier to remove.

Protect Copper From Premature Wear

Copper can be protected from wear with an appropriate sealing agent. A roofing company will be able to apply a sealant to the rooftop at the time of installation and will be ready to reapply the agent yearly as needed. If scratches are noticed on a copper roof top, mineral spirits can be applied to them to help to keep them from rusting. Paint made especially for copper can also be used if desired.

When there is a desire to maintain copper roofing in Port Washington NY, hiring a roofing service to help is best. Visit to find out more about the services they offer today.

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