Make Your Traffic Warning Signals More Effective

The safety of your town is always your first priority. When there is an opportunity to improve conditions or reduce risk in any area, you’re sure to want to seize it. There are ways to increase safety without having to replace your current systems. Here are some tools for making your traffic warning signals more effective.

Add a Time Clock – Time clocks increase the effectiveness of your traffic warning signals. With a time clock in place, you can predetermine when the signals will operate, and have these shut off at other times. This makes the signal more effective because motorists are less likely to become desensitized to a signal that isn’t always operating. Traffic warning signals equipped with time locks are often used at school crossings, where the lights flash only in the hours right before and right after the school day.

Provide Solar Capability- You can also purchase traffic warning signals equipped with solar power. These signals operate on standard electrical power when it is available, but store solar energy for operation when the power is out. This ensures that your most important traffic signals will operate during a power outage.

Add a Time Sync – GPS time sync products help you ensure that the traffic signals in a particular area are synced. This helps to keep traffic moving during busy times of the day, reducing the overall number of accidents in the area and making the commute more pleasant for residents.

There are many ways to ensure your traffic warning signals are optimally effective. Simple changes to your current signals could provide enormous benefit in reducing the number of accidents in your town each year. Talk with your vendor about the best ways to ensure your intersections and crosswalks are as safe as possible.

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