Manage Your Pain with a Pain Control Clinic in Dallas

Pain management is a branch of medicine that deals with recognizing pain stimulus in order to treat pain by managing its physical and psychological aspects. Pain management therapy is designed to ease the suffering of the patient and improve the quality of life of the person living with the pain.

It is necessary to understand that there are different types of pain. A person may suffer from orthopedic or spinal pain, bone pain, muscular pain, joint pain, a pinched nerve or nerve injury, pain due to herniated disks, or a combination of these. A pain control clinic will help the person who is suffering by assessing the source of their pain and using the appropriate methods to manage it.

A Modern Approach

Pain management programs are complex. Traditional methods, which include surgery, are generally invasive means of providing relief from pain and take a lot of time for full recovery. A pain control clinic today will prefer to treat pain by using more non-invasive procedures.

Once the stimulus of the pain has been identified, treatment can begin. A modern approach to treatment usually starts with a combination of the following:

* Pharmacological methods, including analgesics, anticonvulsants, and antidepressants;

* Physical therapy, involving exercise and application of ice and heat compressions;

* Psychological measures, such as cognitive behavioral therapy.

For more severe conditions, a more aggressive treatment is followed which may include prescription strength painkillers, muscle relaxers, or steroid injections along with the aforementioned treatment combinations and surgery.

Although these methods are effective, they can be pretty harsh on the body and may possess serious risks and side effects, including feelings of detachment from reality, dependency on the medication, and more.

A person suffering from chronic pain not only experiences physical deterioration, but it hampers his emotional well-being as well. Depression, anxiety, irritability, and fear are common secondary emotional ailments observed in pain management patients. Due to these issues, a pain control clinic will usually include psychological treatment along with using physical pain reduction.

Non-Invasive Treatment Methods

Acupuncture, chiropractic care, exercise, and diet are some of the common non-invasive pain management treatments prescribed for the patient. Spinal adjustments are also performed, which steadily relieve the pressure between the bones on cartilage and the nerves. Massage therapy and laser therapy are also helpful methods used to relax the inflamed tissue.

Surgery involves high risks, lengthy recovery periods, and no guarantee of a full reduction in pain. It is advised to seek alternative methods of pain management before committing to painful and expensive procedures that may not solve your problems. Posture Perfect Wellness Center, a pain control clinic in Dallas, uses these alternative, non-invasive methods and more for managing chronic pain disorders. You can follow them on Twitter for more details.

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