Medical Billing and Coding Programs In Brooklyn NYC

They say that, in this life, two things are certain – death and taxes. However, I would add a couple more; one being that we all, at some time or another, will require some medical attention (even if only for a check up). My other comment would be that computers and their associated programs have become an integral part of our lives – to an extent that our visit to a clinic will involve Medical Billing and Coding Programs In Brooklyn NYC.

Has Life Really Become So Complicated?

On one level it probably hasn’t; but, overall, the more sophisticated and complex our lives become; the harder it is to keep track of everything manually. For greater efficiency, more and more functions are being turned over to computers. One thing that computers excel at is the organization, collation and analysis of data; but, to do that, the data has to be correctly and recognizably entered into the computer and placed within a computer program. In “computer speak”; programs are written in code. This means that, before a clinic or hospital can computerize its data, someone has to encode the data for input to the program.

Webster’s describes encoding as – “: to change (information) into a set of letters, numbers, or symbols that can be read by a computer “. Whether it is data relating to a patient’s condition and test results or Medical Billing and Coding Programs In Brooklyn NYC, someone has to first write a suitable program and then encode the data into it so that the administration can then fully analyze the data and make best use of it.

Who Performs These Tasks & Where Do They Learn How To Do It?

There are colleges devoted to computer programming; but, graduates from these are unlikely to be seeking work feeding data into a hospital computer – maybe they were the ones who designed the hospital’s IT systems; but, the coding they would leave to “others”. In the medical sector, these “others” are certainly not the doctors and nursing staff; the Medical Billing and Coding Programs In Brooklyn NYC are more likely to be the province of trained and qualified Medical Assistants who would have graduated from a suitable course of study at a school for higher education.

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