Methods for Duct Cleaning

Many people suffer headaches and other allergic reactions when inside over the long winter months due to unclean ducts in their heating system. Old ducts that have not been cleaned in a long time or have never been cleaned can collect enormous amount of dust, which can be spread through a building when heating system blowers come on. Although most of the evidence linking health problems with unclean ducts is anecdotal, many people choose to hire professionals who are experts at duct cleaning in St. Petersburg.

Chances are that most people who have homes that have been optimized for energy efficiency, which means that all windows and doors have been sealed in order to prevent hot air from getting out in the winter (or cold air from coming in), as well as to minimize heat leaking into the house during the summer when families are trying to stay cool. The result can be something like a hermetically-sealed environment, and if ductwork is filled with particles like dust, flakes, rodent droppings, dust mites, bacteria, and other detritus, all of that gets pushed throughout the house and lowers the air quality significantly. Headaches, nausea, and numerous other health symptoms may result.

There are two basic methods of duct cleaning that are used by St. Petersburg professionals to completely clean ducts. The first is the use of a suction component and a pressurized air hose to remove dust and other particles from the duct system. The air hose is run through the ducts in order to push dust and other particles into the pressurized component. The second method is the use of a vacuum that is attached to a hose and sent through the system. It usually includes a brush, as well, to detach clumps of dirt and other grime and suck it into the vacuum.

Companies that perform duct cleaning in St. Petersburg will usually offer a very thorough duct cleaning for homes and businesses, which includes all components of the system, including the furnace itself and the fan.

Most people opt to hire contractors for duct cleaning in St. Petersburg about once a year. At that time, a further inspection of the heating system can be conducted to check and make sure that there are no leaks in the ducts. On some occasions, filthy ducts can actually impair the functioning of the system, clog areas, and prevent an efficient movement of air through the ductwork. Cleaner ductwork can mean not only better air quality inside the home, but the conservation of energy and money saved, as well.

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