Methods to Employ to Prove You Are Ready to Have Your License Reinstated

Municipal judges across the country have the discretion of revoking people’s driving privileges when necessary. People who repeatedly commit traffic offenses show they are not responsible enough to drive safely on city streets and highways. Judges have the obligation of keeping the public safe by halting repeat offenders’ driving privileges.

When you have taken great strides to improve your driving abilities, however, you might want to ask the judge in charge of your case to give back your license. By hiring an attorney to represent you at reinstatement and Secretary of State hearings in Chicago, you may get your license back sooner.

Proving Your Rehabilitation

Before you appear at one of the local Secretary of State hearings in Chicago, you may want to compile evidence to prove you have turned over a proverbial new leaf as a driver. You could convince a judge to reinstate your privileges by proving you:

  • Completed driver’s education courses
  • Passed a defensive driving class
  • Enrolled in alcohol or drug rehab programs
  • Underwent counseling to address anger issues or reckless behavior

Presenting the court with proof of these reforms could convince a judge that you have changed your ways. Your attorney can file certificates or medical records with the court if necessary, to substantiate your claims.

Completing Probation or Parole

Another way to get your license back is to complete any probation or parole to which you were sentenced. Completion of one of these sentences can indicate you are ready to become a productive member of society again. Your lawyer can provide a statement of completion from your parole or probation officer to the judge.

Your lawyer can also advise you on other steps you can take to get back your driver’s license. Contact Johnson & Goldrich, P.C. online today.

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