Milk Distributors Offer More Than Milk

When choosing your milk distributor for your restaurant, there are a few things you should consider, including the range of products available from this vendor. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you’ll only use your milk distributor to provide milk.

Today’s milk distributors often provide several different products, in addition to good old-fashioned milk. If you have specific dairy needs, in fact, you might choose your milk distributor based primarily on the other products they can provide.

For example, coffee shops rely on the best half and half for their stores, in addition to regular milk. If you offer a lot of desserts, good whipped cream may be particularly important. If you sell a lot of baked potatoes, top shelf sour cream may be critical to your menu.

Dairy storage may be important in your choice of vendors, too. For some restaurants, having half and half that doesn’t need refrigeration is helpful. In addition, you may have specific needs around packaging, such as buying half and half or sour cream in single serve containers.

Regardless of your dairy needs, there are several milk distributors that can provide you with all the products important to your business, in addition to regular milk.

Finding a milk distributor that can meet a variety of dairy product needs makes life easier for your business. Interview several distributors before selecting a primary vendor. Be sure that you taste their products, examine their pricing and ensure that their delivery capabilities align with your needs as a restaurant.

Having a milk distributor that provides you with a variety of dairy products at a good value saves you time and money. There are many milk distributors in Chicago, but only a few uniquely suited to meeting all of your dairy needs.

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