Mistakes to Avoid During Selection and Residential Heating Installation in Omaha, NE

If a home’s furnace has stopped working, the homeowner has some tough decisions to make, but they should not rush into anything out of desperation. By avoiding certain mistakes during unit selection and installation, Texas customers can get the right heating system for their home and their budget. Below are several mistakes homeowners make when having a new residential heating installation in Omaha, NE .

Ignoring the Unit’s SEER Rating

The higher a furnace’s SEER rating, the more efficiently it works and the less the homeowner pays in utility bills. The minimum acceptable rating is 13, and anything above 16 is considered high-efficiency. Systems with high SEER ratings can help homeowners save up to 50% on monthly utility bills while providing numerous indoor comfort benefits to Omaha homeowners.

Not Looking for Rebates

Many manufacturers offer consumer rebates to partially offset the costs of some heating systems, especially those considered high-efficiency. Some areas offer rebates of up to $1500; customers should talk to their contractor to learn more about rebate program.

Choosing a System Based on Price

Low prices don’t always mean good values. A high-efficiency heating system may cost another $1000 up front, but it can help a homeowner save hundreds per year in energy bills. Over the system’s lifetime, the homeowner can see a significant return in terms of utility savings.

Not Considering a Maintenance Contract

Maintenance is a must to keep the heating system functioning optimally throughout its life. Over the years, debris and dirt can find its way into the system, damaging components that are costly to replace. The buildup can cause a high-efficiency unit to perform like one with a lower SEER rating, negating its energy-efficient benefits. Ensuring the cleanliness and annual maintenance of a system can help clients of Accurate Heating & Cooling avoid the need for frequent repairs and costly residential heating installation in Omaha, NE.

Most homeowners don’t think much about the furnace until there’s a problem, but delayed maintenance can bring about the need for a replacement unit. Buying a new furnace is an important decision, and by avoiding the mistakes above, customers can make that choice a good one.

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