Modify A Truck Into A Megacab Longbed In Texas

The Dodge Ram continues to be one of most frequently purchased trucks in America. These full-size pickup trucks are tough and durable, and Dodge has been upgrading their truck design for years to make the Ram more fuel-efficient and affordable for car buyers. Many Dodge Ram owners, however, are modifying their trucks to better highlight the truck’s features and make their truck more original and higher functioning. Companies, such as Precision Bodyline, are popping up all over the country to provide truck modification services, like longbed installation to name one of the more popular conversions.

In recent years, some truck manufacturers have turned to providing trucks with Megacab Longbed Texas designs. However, Dodge continues to provide shortbed trucks for symmetrical aesthetics and financial reasons. The average truck owner doesn’t have a need for a longbed, and most manufacturers determine a bed’s length as directly proportional to its model and cab size. Instead of providing longbed truck options, manufacturers point to full-size pickup trucks as an alternative option to trucks with Megacab Longbed Texas styles.

Many Dodge owners convert their shortbed into a longbed for commercial, entertainment, or agricultural purposes. For those who own businesses and have to haul large amounts of equipment, investing in a Megacab Longbed Texas modification can help save on the miles and keep the business running as efficiently as possible. Some truck owners, however, prefer longbed trucks for aesthetic purposes and claim that longbed modification is a tribute to older 1960-1980 model trucks. Others claim that longbed trucks are easier to handle on the road than shortbed trucks, but they note the difference in fuel costs.

During some modifications related to bed size, many owners have switched bed interior styles. Drop-in beds and spray-on beds are the two most popular options for truck owners, but spray-on styles are the easier options when it comes to longbed trucks. Drop-in beds may need to ordered from a separate manufacturer resulting in higher costs. Spray-ons are great for those who don’t wish to add further weight to their truck which ultimately increases fuel costs. Nonetheless, many recommend drop-in beds for hauling heavy equipment since it tends to made of a thicker, more durable material than spray-in options.

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