Mosquito Control: Tips to Help Homeowners

While mosquitos do not exist in all parts of the country, they do indeed find a home in various warm and damp states. While states and cities have their own plan for urban control, groups such as the public works do not handle the presence of mosquitos on private properties. They leave the matter of mosquito control up to the residents.

Reducing the Mosquito Population

Residents can do their part to help control mosquitos. The best way of doing so is to eliminate their breeding grounds. While the average home may not have a swamp, marsh or wetlands, they do have spots in which mosquitos can set up camp. They can be found in a variety of locations, even on the smallest pieces of properties. A resident, whether landlord, homeowner or tenant, can help by doing the following:

Eaves, Gutters and Troughs: Remove all leaves and keep the water flowing

Bird Baths: Make sure the water in a birdbath is fresh and clean. Change it frequently to prevent the water from becoming stagnant, which is attractive to mosquitoes in Freehold NJ.

Pools: If you tarp them, make sure the water does not gather and stay on the top of the tarp. If you have a kiddy pool, make sure you empty and turn it over when not in use

Garden Rocks, Plants and Pots: If you have a garden with large hollow rocks or empty pots and/or plants with large leaves, make sure they do not collect water. Empty, turn over or shake them dry

Drainage Ditches: If you have a drainage or irrigation ditch, make sure they are not collecting water and retaining it. Clear out the ditch, flush it clean, or enact any of the other effective measures of Mosquito Control In Fayetteville, GA.

Boats: If you own a boat and are keeping it parked on your property, make sure the tarp that covers it is clear of water

General Property Maintenance: If you have old tires hanging from trees or scattered around, dump the water out of them. The same applies for cups, buckets and pots of any type. Dump the water out and either toss them or stand them on their ends. Furthermore, do not allow even a plastic or chip bag to lie on the grass or ground of your property because if it collects water, it will become a happy home for mosquitos

Garbage Cans: If you have removable lids, do not allow them to lie facing up. The same applies to the actual containers because they can and will collect water.

Mosquito Control

If you want to help keep the mosquito population down, be sure to leave no source of water undisturbed. Toss out any water lying around. Remember, making sure water does not lie around and become stagnant is the key factor in mosquito control. Visit Nature’s Turf for more details.

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