MTSS Interventions Get Students the Help They Need

School districts everywhere have been using MTSS interventions for targeted support to struggling students for decades. At a glance, MTSS seems simple enough. But effectively using MTSS to drive lasting, measurable outcomes is complex. Many schools and K-12 leaders struggle to get a handle on the complex processes behind the system. The first step is simply understanding exactly what MTSS is.

A System to Help Struggling Students

Multi-tiered System of Support, or MTSS, is a framework used by many schools. The approach enables schools to quickly identify students that are struggling and intervene to minimize learning losses. While MTSS for academics is most commonly found in schools, MTSS for behavior is increasingly used to support student social, emotional and behavioral growth.

The role of tiers in MTSS is an essential thing to understand. From Tier 1 to Tier 3, each level increases support, allowing schools to meet students’ unique and changing needs. For example, a student who requires more support than the Tier 1 universal curriculum provides will benefit from additional, personalized skill-building in Tier 2. As a Tier 2 student acquires skills to succeed with Tier 1 instruction, the Tier 2 supports are reduced and eventually eliminated. This proactive approach allows students to find success through personalized support. Effective Tier 2 interventions also reduce the need for costly special education screenings and instruction.

Taking A Different Approach

EmpowerU works inside any MTSS program to provide targeted support to struggling students. Their primary goal is to help students internalize their learning and apply concepts to their individual lives and goals to create positive change. They use a personalized, data-driven approach to deliver SEL Tier 1 and Tier 2 solutions. Not just that, the EmpowerU system is easy to implement and doesn’t require schools to hire additional staff or ask more from hard-working teachers. For more information, visit their website.

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