Need a Payment Gateway to Accept Online Payments?

Reliable providers offer extensive services to clients looking to improve sales and garner higher profits from their online business or store. If you’re building an e-commerce website, you may be in need of a payment gateway to accept online payments from customers. Secure and accurate credit card authorization and processing are vital to furthering the success of your business. A state-of-the-art gateway provided by a knowledgeable company protects consumers from having their information stolen while safeguarding business owners from lost profits and potential legal issues.

Foreign Purchases
Implementing a multi-currency and offshore payment gateway to accept online payments is an excellent way to increase sales volumes and branch out internationally. Rather than limiting your business to accepting purchases from local or national customers, comprehensive payment gateway services can help your business attain a higher level of success. Multi-currency and offshore payment gateways are able to authorize payments from foreign credit card holders within a matter of seconds. Naturally, companies that are able to process payments from other countries are capable of accepting a number of credit cards that are utilized worldwide. Accordingly, this feature allows for a much broader customer base, thereby improving the number of sales made and profits earned. Whether you own a small store or a large online business, partnering with a company that implements advanced payment gateways and other features will give your company the edge it needs.

Signup & Setup Process
Registering for a payment gateway with a certified company is typically free as well as setup and integration. After your application is accepted and you’ve signed a processing agreement, your website can be integrated with the provider’s gateway and made available for usage within a matter of hours. Payment gateways can be used with various shopping cart modules and programming languages. Once the payment gateway has been fully integrated with a client’s website, providers test the gateway’s performance to ensure it’s functioning properly. Once in place, the gateway will process payments from a variety of credit cards via the provider’s secure server. This helps to avoid issues such as fraud and identity theft, and keeps customers as well as clients protected.

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