No Need To Drown In Water When Basement Leak Repair In Fairfax VA Can Be Performed

Water in the basement and musty and damp smells is a sign the basement needs serious attention. When water problems are not corrected in a timely manner it can ruin a structure and cause unnecessary mold in a building. Basement leak repair in Fairfax VA can be easily performed by an experienced company to correct the problem.

Water problems develop in a basement when the water pressure against the foundation walls are not properly corrected. French drains surround most foundations on the outside walls. These drains can get clogged and creates hydrostatic pressure against the walls. Due to the pressure, the walls will begin to crack and move.

Other Considerations Of Water Problems

Gutters can be the cause of water in a basement. If they are not cleaned out on a regular basis, the overflow of water can cause dampness and leaks in the basement. Downspouts should be extended at least six feet from the foundation of a home. Improper grading of the dirt around the foundation can cause the water to flow towards the foundation instead of away from it. These small problems can cause a large problem for a homeowner and should be considered when a water problem is noticed.

Doorways and windows in the basement can be another cause of water leak in a basement. If the windows aren’t properly caulked or there’s not a drain at the door, this will cause water problems.

Signs Of Foundation Problems

When there are cracks in the foundation or the walls are bowing, an owner has a water problem. If the doors and windows in a home are not closing properly, this is also a sign there is a foundation problem.

Repairing A Foundation

There are several options for basement leak repair in Fairfax VA. If the walls are cracked, they will have to be repaired. The reason for the damage will have to be corrected before the walls can be repaired. An experienced company might suggest installing a new French drain system inside of the home to eliminate the water problem. This does not involve excavation of the yard or landscaping to complete.

There’s no reason to let a water problem in the basement get you down when it can be easily repaired and financed. For more information, please visit

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