One Good Way to Measure the Quality of a Senior Living Facility

If you have reached a point in the life of an elderly loved one in which they are no longer able to care for themselves without some level of assistance then it may be time to consider allowing them to go live in a quality assisted living facility. Many people that truly care for their older family members may be a bit hesitant to consider this option due to some of the horror stories that have come out regarding Senior Living facilities in past years.

What you need to be aware of though, is that there are Senior Living and assisted living facilities that can actually be a good place for your loved ones to live out the rest of their lives. While it is true that you should be very cautious and thoroughly research any facility that you are considering, it is also true that some facilities are well known for providing a caring staff and an excellent quality of life for their residents.
Chances are that there is probably at least one local assisted living facility that you are going to want to stay as far away from as you possibly can. But for every bad egg, there is usually also a good one not far away. One good way to determine the quality of a facility is to make a completely unscheduled visit to check things out first hand.

This should be a complete surprise to the facility staff so you may want to save activities like calling and asking for information until after you’ve made your visit. If a bad facility is aware that they have a prospective resident, they may put some effort into dressing up their activities a bit, expecting a visit from concerned loved ones that want to take a look at them.

By dropping by completely un-announced, you have a good chance to not only see what the facility looks like on an average day but you can also get a good feel for the quality of the staff. If you encounter staff members that seem reluctant to show you around or insist that you call to make an appointment for a much later date, that should be a red flag. A good facility with a caring staff should have no problems showing you around after a reasonable wait.

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